in accordance with EN 60204-1. Connections. 5-pole M12 female. connectors (x2). Caution! All cable colours according to. ABB/Jokab Safety standard cables.


CRI är en förkortning Color rendering index. I Sverige Tidigare fastställd svensk standard SS-EN 60204-1, utgåva 2, 1998, gäller ej fr o m EMC and Cables.

– 14.2.4: The colour YELLOW is used instead of ORANGE for that purpose (USA). This is a preview - click here to buy the full publication Hello, I've read the EN60204 section on wire colors for Europe and checked around online and one thing is still unclear to me. What wire color is used for the grounded current carrying dc conductor (what I typically refer to as DC Common) in 24VDC circuits on industrial control panels. I see For anyone interested I've attached extracts from the relevent sections of EN 60204-1:2006. I've also attached our 'quick guide' used by the panel shop guys. This is mostly for the single core wiring, details for multicore cables, exceptions and special cases would be marked on the drawings. The colors of wires in panels are required by law to follow the machine safety standard EN 60204-1.

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BS EN 61439-2009 and BS EN 60445-2010 only reference cable colours for power circuits (not control) therefore I was thinking of adopting the colours in BS EN 60204-1, although this technically doesn't apply. Any thoughts welcome. EN 60204-1 is known as a B-standard, so it makes no sense for a manufacturer to indicate that he 'complies with the standard'. EN 60204-1 indicates various options to be stated, and this is done e.g. by using Annex B including in total 13 items. The standard ISO/IEC 81346-1 (2009) is a combination of ISO TS 16952-1 (2005) and IEC 61346 (1996).


Motor. Protection. Color. Universal. Design. New Value for Control Panels Points on Panel Design for Conformance to IEC 60204-1 Wiring work is essential to manufacturing control panels, and it accounts for the majority of the lea

Color. Universal. Design.

UK Control Panel Cable Size & Colour Code Guidelines Extract from EN 60204-1:2006 . Don't forget Amendment 1.2009 which renders BS EN 60204-1:2006 as withdrawn.

60204-1 cable colours


Core colour Pair-No. a-core b-core 1 white 23 white-red 1 23 45 white brown 2014-04-17 The NFPA color scheme uses a solid color with another color strip for a number of applications. NFPA color codes differ from NEC and Mil standard wire codes. For details, see: NFPA 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.
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60204-1 cable colours

IDEC株式会社 accessible or is part of a multicore cable, colour coding throughout its length is not  1 Mar 2016 The color of cables, as defined in the table UNEL IEC 00721 "Colors of in EN 60204-1 standard “Safety of machinery - electrical equipment of  7 Feb 2010 EN 60204-1:2006 + A1 + AC. Messergebnisse require cables with cross sections (disconnecting device based on 5.3.2 a), b) or c); color. The colors of wires in panels are required by law to follow the machine safety standard EN60204-1.

Output specification “N”. H 8.1 – Added text regarding colours on conductors for protective bonding. Besides electro technical requirements in EN 60204-1 clauses and. the requirements For this purpose the machine shall be equipped with a cable.
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This color coding of the wire sheath is strictly voluntary, but most manufacturers have now followed suit in adhering to the color scheme. The five basic color schemes used for the NM cable in residential construction are white, yellow, orange, black, and gray.

Black = Power above 120 VAC, usually with separate color tapes like Red/Blue/Orange for each phase of a three phase power. Yellow = foreign voltage, that is a conductor which is powered by a source outside the panel itself. As the +/-24V DC is for power circuits I will use the colour red for both + & - voltage as stated in "Revised July 2006 to incorporate colour code and sizing recommendations in EN60204-1".